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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday + My Best Friend's Giveaway


Pinterest (secret) boards. Now I have a place to store all of my gift ideas, muah hahahahaaaa.

► Ryan is back from training in Seattle. And he brought specialty chocolates, which is only ~40% of the reason I'm happy to see him.

► I think I walked into the one verizon kiosk in all the land that magically had one iphone 5 that was the exact one I was looking for. That's fate, right?

► It's raining outside, and there is a box of Campbell's tomato garlic and bacon soup in my pantry waiting patiently for dinner time.

► My Cat-A-Day calendar that sits on my desk. What better way to feel better in the morning that a brand new picture of a kitty?

And something extra for you today:

My BFF Mayette is hosting a giveaway at her blog, Looks Cute Though. Want in on the action? Enter here! Complete rules and details on the items are on her post.


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