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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Elusive Maxi Skirt

In the spirit of my last post, I will say that getting your photo taken is much more comfortable in the privacy of your own back patio.

This is the first maxi skirt I've ever worn. Can someone who is more well versed in them please enlighten me as to what kind of footwear I should be wearing with it? Nothing seems right and I'm determined not to let it fall in the back of my closet!

Also, if you ever see a fur collar, try it on. I saw this at Gap last holiday season and openly mocked it. And then I tried it on because let's see how ridiculous this looks. And then I fell in love and bought it. Shows what I know.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everyone! I'll be in rehearsals for most of it, emerging myself in the best of the worst of Oscar music. And yes, Blame Canada from South Park is on the program, nobody worry.


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