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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Going Minimal(ish)

Do you find yourself staring into the void that is your closet, wondering why - in a space bursting with clothing - you can't piece together an outfit that you're actually excited to wear? If so, welcome, my friend. And if not, who are you? Also, get out (just kidding please stay forever I'm sorry!). I know this isn't a groundbreaking concept. I mean:

Google image results knows what I mean.

So the question I started to ask myself lately is, "Why do I feel like this? I bought everything in this closet, didn't I?" And I came across a recurring list of issues:

Shrinkage. Probably my biggest closet issue. I'm looking at you, Old Navy. Regardless of washing in cold water, or using as little heat as possible in the dryer, I own so much that just never fit the same way after the first wash.
Fit. Different from shrinkage in that these are items that still have their original shape. I either bought them with the misguided notion that I could overlook a sizing issue, or they fit at one time and I've naturally outgrown them.
Material. Something that I wish I had paid more attention to, and plan to focus on going forward. It seems that scratchy seams or shirts that are too thin for appropriate daytime wear usually boil down to a material issue. And those shirts you're afraid to wash for fear of them disintigrating on the gentle cycle? Some things are not meant to be worn.
Trend. Colors, patterns, cuts that were so in..for that 1 week in spring 2014. Yes, I bought (and never wore) a hi-low dress, I cannot tell a lie. Did I ever wear it? No! What a waste.

After a recent clean out, I'm left with a very paired down closet and a desperate need to rebuild. Which is why I've been reading up on taking a minimalist approach and creating a capsule wardrobe. Now although I've never considered myself to be super trendy or fashion forward, I can't deny that almost everything I recently cleaned out of my closet are things I didn't think about long term. I didn't think about how to care for it, or about the fit, or "will I like this trend as much in 6 months as I do right now?" And to me, that's what this challenge is about. I'm also hoping to achieve:

➤ Quality over quantity.
➤ More money saved overall.
➤ A decluttered closet and a decluttered mind.
Less. Laundry. Oh my god.

And no, these are not all the "philosophies" of minimalism, and there are certainly people that adopt much stricter guidelines for their closet. And "capsule" isn't on size fits all. Some people count accessories, so people don't, for example. And the number of items will absolutly vary depending on your needs. Some helpful guides for myself have come from XO Vain and Unfancy. Unfancy in particular has an amazing guide to creating a capsule wardrobe, and explains it in a more inspiring way than I ever could, so do yourself a favor and start reading this blog STAT. And on the youtube side of things, Vivianna Does Makeup has a great series all about cleaning out her wardrobe. She makes sharing a small closet with another person look effortless - highly recommended!

The jury is out on whether or not I can accomplish this capsule wardrobe with the same conviction that others are able to do. But I'm sure as heck determined to adopt a version of minimalism that works for me, and show you what I'm doing and why. So get ready to go minimalist minimalish with me!


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