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Monday, September 12, 2011

001. "...her?"


Let me tell you about myself. But first, how did you even find my tiny little inconspicuous corner of the internet? Is that even how that site works?

Enough about you talking about me, let's talk about me!

My name is Trina. I live in the non-Hollywood, non-bay area part of California. A lot of people would (read: do) call where I live boring. They clearly just long for someplace else and should go be happy there. I like where I live; we have a capitol building.

I have a day job. And a night job. And a weekend job. I have three jobs. I kinda have this problem with quitting things that haven't done me wrong and that pay me to be there. I guess there are worse problems in life. Like not having any jobs and needing one really bad. I will take what I can get!

I have a boyfriend. I love him. I'm not the type to gush on a regular basis. From now on most references to him will involve me insulting him in some fashion, so I guess I should take this time to establish that I really do love him. We met in college and have been together 2.5 years. He works for an airline so we take advantage of certain discounts like flying for free on pointless daytrips to Portland and Seattle just because DUH it's free.

My family really boils down to my little brother, Jeffery (8) and my grandma (a youthful 33). They are my favorite.

Jeffery with a tiger.

In my free time, I obviously like to blog. I also like walking around in safe neighborhoods, cooking all kinds of food, and organizing. I think I may have been a very good housewife in a previous life because I love all things domestic. Don't tell my future husband, though.

You can tell him about my carrot cake cookies.

I don't really have an aim for this blog. I wanted someplace for all my really really important ideas, and this seemed like the best thing for it. I'm assuming you enjoy it -- you are reading the "about me" post, after all. I know people don't do that for just anybody.


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