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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shut up and take my money!

Old Navy purchases

1. tunic sweater in brown animal print || 2. faux-lizard pointed flats in nude and brown || 3. button front stretch cardigan in dalmation || 4. perfect khaki shorts in black jack

Old Navy is owning my heart right now. This happens a couple of times a year, and it’s usually a cruel prank at my expense. On the one hand, I will love everything there. The catch being that I'm pretty thin, and much of Old Navy's inventory tends to run a little bit larger than I can wear without looking like a sack.

Well not this weekend! I went a little crazy in the dressing room and actually made out with this haul of items. I'm entirely in love with everything, particularly the leopard tunic. I know, it's a lot of leopard. It actually fits quite slack in the torso, but I'm gonna show you how I style it this weekend. I promise you guys are gonna say, "wow, that girl looks fierce. How can I look that fierce?" And then you'll remember that all of this stuff came from Old Navy and go out to buy it immediately.

Special shout out to these flats. They are lovely, aren't they? The texture is really subtle and the colors are just what I've been looking for in my wardrobe.

Always remember to check for coupons. For example, this was all purchased with a 25% off coupon that took the edge off. And I spent enough for $30 off my next purchase of $75. Which is great, because I've got my eye on a couple more sweaters that had sold through my size.


molly pinto said...

Thank goodness we live in different cities and can wear the same things...because I need that leopard print sweater, like, yesterday.

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