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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor day sliders

I know Labor Day weekend is all about enjoying family and "the last weekend of summer" with camping and BBQ and the works, but circumstances did not allow me to induge in such activities. Does that mean I can't enjoy a good burger and imagine I'm up in the foothills enjoying the outdoors? Of course not!

For once, my indecisiveness worked in my favor. Since I had trouble deciding what kind of burger to make, I decided to make sliders and have them both! Ryan bought me a book on cooking with sriracha, which led to bleu cheese burgers with sriracha mayo. With the other, I used a quick and easy recipe for garlic lemon aoili and topped it with some goat cheese. I am such a fan of goat cheese, don't even get me started.

The results were pretty darn delicious, if I do say so myself. Ryan favored the sriracha ones, because his taste buds tolerate spice more than mine do (I'm getting there, slowly). Me, being the goat cheese lover that I am, favored the garlic aioli ones. But they're both keepers, so my tummy will see them again soon.

PS: like those paintings in the background? Why thank you I made them myself.


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