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Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend adventures and irrational purchases.

This weekend Ryan and I flew down to Burbank to spend some time with his family and celebrate his nephew's second birthday. The party was at a park in the Hollywood Bowl. It's so odd to be surrounded by nothing but freeway and various studios, and all of a sudden stumble upon a super nice and quiet area like the picnic area his birthday party was.

After the party, we had a couple hours to kill before we flew back. We spent that time to head into Little Tokyo for some ramen at Orochon. If you watch Man VS. Food (a staple in our life), he came here to challenge the ridiculously hot ramen they serve up. I had the farthest thing from it on the menu, but there was a girl there taking the challenge, so we all lived vicariously through her. She wimped out less than halfway through, but I don't blame her. Apparently the chef wears a mask while making it, soooo that's how spicy it is.

After that, we went to the biergarten on top of The Standard Hotel downtown, which was a hassle to get to. first, the streets were blocked off because they were filming something down the block. Then, we got turned back because the biergarten was hosting a private party. Not so private, because the valet let us in. It was a beautiful view from the roof, though. Worth the run around.

All I have for picture taking right now is my iphone. My camera's battery ran out and I've misplaced the charger. Bummer. However, I took my frustration out by buying a Canon Rebel T3. Completely in love with it and it's not even here yet. Look out for photo overload when that gets here. Until then, these will have to make due!


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