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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kick up your heels

I have been on a shoe kick lately. As in, "I hate all my shoes/I don't even HAVE any shoes/what are shoes?/I need new shoes yesterday,." Do others go through this. Not necessarily with shoes, but with anything? Like, I convince myself I need new things.

Well, whatever the case me be, I have been buying more shoes that food lately. I mean,

I went to Marshall's and Ross over the last couple of days. Which I should really do more often, but I always forget. Such a shame, because I wonder about all the pretty things I miss out on.

new shoes

Like these Steve Maddens (1). Originally $90, and I got them for $40. I mean, c'mon. And I got a pair of nude patent leather Steve Maddens (2) at Ross as well for $20. How can you beat that? And it's perfect timing, since I was looking for a pair to go with my dress from a previous post.

Everyone else seems to enjoy them, but I have little to no love for platform shoes. Well, only if they're Spice Girls platform shoes, obviously. But I'm already tall enough, and don't need to add any more height. Just the heel alone is usually pushing it for me. That being said, I love these platform shoes from H&M (3). They manage to be a low enough heel that the added platform boost doesn't terrify me. Best of all, they come in a bunch of different colors, and there are some patent leather ones as well. They're $34.95, but sign up for emails from H&M to receive a 20% of coupon. It saved me about six bucks!

forever 21 heels

Forever 21 has these colorful babies right now, and I want them so very badly. Only $22.80, people! It doesn't get much better than a cute heel that's as affordable as these are. If you've got a cute shoe you've bought recently, I would love to hear about it! I'm trying to focus my efforts on some cute boots, but these are occupying my search efforts right now.


Unknown said...

Love the Steve Maddens! Have big enough sizes for us bigfoots!

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