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Sunday, March 17, 2013

4 More Years (and then that's it!)

Thanks for 4 years of getting me a glass of water after I've already settled into bed.
...and loving Disneyland as much as me.
...and indulging in all my Target trips.
...and never judging how early in the week I want to bust out the wine.
...and helping me finish it every time.
...and not eating red onions around me, even though I know you want to.
...and knowing: "When in doubt, buy her Kate Spade."
...and for being my guy. May our second term be crazier than our first.

By the way, you're totally welcome for all the kick-ass girlfriend things I do for you every day.
I'm not gonna brag, though.
Have your moment, by all means...


Anonymous said...

Wow this is so sweet! I love it a lot dear! My guy treats me like his princess too:) we are lucky indeed to have them right? More power to you and your guy. May you have more amazing time together for the rest of the days to come. Your post is a perfect way to show him how grateful you are to him. Im sure he is too!

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