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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Getting Better!

Sometimes you just need a afternoon to drive around and go where the wind takes you to have a great day. For me, that meant big sandwiches for lunch, a trip to crossroads for some unexpected good finds, and Dimple record/books to browse around and pretend I'm more cultured and well read than I really am.

My finds to brag about:
• Books for $0.99
• A J. Crew cashmere sweater for $10. $10.
• Ferragamo boots for $35.

I just need to stress the joy I feel at finding these boots. I have been looking for boots that fit my calf for years and season after season I have always been unsuccessful. But these are the perfect color/fit/heel height/everything. And to get them for so cheap is basically the cherry on top of my very very long awaited metaphorical desert.


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