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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Flu is a Bitch

I've always said that Ryan and I have very opposite sick patterns: He gets sick more frequently, but he's far more functioning and will be able to go about his day. I, on the other hand, hold all my germs back for as long as I can, and then it kicks my ass. This has been my life since Wednesday.

I swear I have so many blog posts in my head guys, but they're taking a backseat right now so I can express all the things that have gotten me though this terrible awful no good very bad week:

• Nurses, both real and fake: my grandma (fake), Ryan (fake), Ryan's mom (real), Kaiser's nurse hotline (real and super nice).
• Pain medicine.
• The bathroom floor, for being so cold and not judging me for taking advantage of that fact.
• Chairs in the shower. Luxury.
• Netflix comedy specials, redbox, teen mom 2, full house, and alllll of Investigation Discovery.
• Ice. So much ice.
• But seriously, Ryan, who has been the most attentive, errand running, hair holding, soup making-est champ this whole time.

Of course, the flu isn't enough for me, so naturally is nestled into my asthma riddled lungs for a nice respiratory party. I'm still getting over that, but the Trina of today is much better than the Trina of a couple days ago.

And because I've been limited to soup and apple sauce, I've had plenty of time to think about what to eat after all this. Wingstop, a huge medium rare burger, PICKLES, soda, and a nice glass of wine, you are all about to get destroyed.


Dawnielle said...

Talk about a bad flu season this year... Feel better soon!

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