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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Various Ways to Follow Me!

As every blogger on the planet has already explained, Google has pulled the plug on Google Reader. Well, it plans to pull the plug on July 1st, but let's not argue semantics here. The point is, people are a-scrambling to find alternative resources to allow their followers to continue following, especially since this has put the longevity of GFC into question. And since I don't think about who I'm already following on sites like bloglovin', all of your "Ways to Follow Me" blog posts have been really helpful.

In the spirit of all these helpful posts, I decided it was time to post my own. Buttons for these can be found on my sidebar as well, but I digress.


If you have a bloglovin' account, feel free to link it in a comment. I may not know I'm not following you yet, and I don't wanna lose anybody!


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