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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Clarisonic, A Love Story


I need to give some love to Clarisonic, and their awesome customer support. I've had my Mia 2 since Christmas of 2011 and have absolutely loved it. I know you've probably heard it all before, but this thing is amazing. My skin feels so smooth after using it and, although I'm not prone to breakouts, I still felt like it always kept my face in tip top shape.

Well about a month ago, my Mia started to go AWOL. It wouldn't turn on when I told it to, but then it would go off by itself on the shower caddy. Let me tell you, the first time it happened just about gave me a heart attack. I stupidly thought it would just get better, but it turns out internal mechanical issues don't fix themselves. So, as a throwaway thought, I decided to call Clarisonic's customer support, hoping for a solution to my sad sad problem.

Their customer service was amazing, you guys. I was expecting to have to troubleshoot a bunch of scenarios, defend myself and beg for help, but it was the complete opposite. Instead, I barely had to explain what was going on with my Mia, and in a matter of minutes I was off the phone with a replacement one on the way! Not only did they replace my handle, but they threw in another charger, and 2 complimentary brush heads, which normally run $25 a piece. And the new Mia came with a new 2 year warranty.

Clarisonic, you guys are awesome. You make my face healthy and you made my anxious little heart happy.

In conclusion: R.I.P. first Mia. You did your job. It's time for you to rest.


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