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Monday, May 6, 2013

May Flowers And Zoo Trips

Fact: I love giraffes. They are majestic and wholly unnatural looking and basically badass. We live nearby the zoo, and if you drive by and look, you stand a good chance of seeing their heads popping out above the trees alongside the road. This is what happened to me earlier this week, so when the weekend came around and we were contemplating a picnic at the park across from the zoo, we decided to go!

Also, society and fashion finally wore me down because I bought my first ever maxi dress yesterday at Old Navy's 30% off sale. And yes I am so late on this, but I freaking love it. Why didn't anyone tell me how comfortable they were?! I wanna, like, sleep in it. Ugh.

The park was full of Cinco de Mayo celebrations and BBQ, but we were content with our giant sandwiches. It's so refreshing to get out of the house and just go relax somewhere and people watch. You forget about how hard the ground actually is, or the bugs that slowly try and sneak up on you and get all up in your food, when it's perfect weather and there's just the right amount of breeze blowing.

The park has a beautiful flower garden. I mean, really cute. And full of all different kinds of puppies getting toted around. But it's also full of those giant black devil bee creatures from hell* so I basically ran around with Ryan trailing behind me and attempting to calm me down.

The Sacramento Zoo might not be very big (at all), but I love it nonetheless. Who can stand and look at tigers and chimps and giraffes and not think it's awesome? The San Francisco Zoo has gotta be my next zoo adventure, but until then I at least have this!

* Okay so they're called carpenter bees and multiple site assure me that they're virtually harmless but how can we ever really be sure?


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