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Sunday, January 26, 2014


So what the hell, right?

Let me tell you about a girl. A girl with a laptop. A girl with a laptop that crapped out inexplicably back in August, which put this whole crazy train on hold until she could afford a new one.

...Oh, that's the whole story.

Yes, my friends, my trusty laptop bit the big one. And after some thought, paying to fix something vintage (that's what they told me my 5 year old laptop was-- the nerve!), seemed a little like putting off the inevitable. So I decided to save, and wait, and wait and save, until I could get myself a brand spankin' new iMac! It's beautiful. And now I feel like a person of the modern world again. But I bet you've been wondering what this old girl's been up to, huh? Well, I went to New York! We painted the town vaguely red for a whirlwind 3 (4? IDK WHIRLWIND) days and had a blast. AND, we moved! Yes, the stars aligned and we found the right place at the right time, and now we have a lovely new little apartment.

And well, that's kind of it. But they were big things! And now I'm back, so get ready.


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